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Support Packages 📞

Choose from our range of support packages to get the assistance you need for a seamless experience with Fleetbase open-source products and infrastructure.

Implementation Support

  • Full deployment on infrastructure AWS/ Google Cloud / Azure etc.
  • CI/CD pipelines.
  • Branding customization.
Effortlessly implement Fleetbase's open-source architecture with our comprehensive implementation package.

Our experts ensure a successful deployment and integration into your logistics operations.

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Development Support

  • Dedicated Fleetbase developer resources.
  • Fleetbase Project Manager.
  • Chat support with immediate response time.
We work with companies to help them customise Fleetbase to fit their requirements. This can be from custom features all the way to assistance with integrations.

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Chat / Email Support

  • Dedicated chat channels with instant replies
  • Dedicated email responses with instant replies

We provide dedicated communication channels for companies that are looking for support with implementation, development support or even to answer questions regarding functionality within Fleetbase.

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Community Support

  • Discord community group for questions and help from other developers.
  • Raise Github issues and get responses.
Fleetbase as built out a community which fosters innovation. Join our Discord channel or post a Github issue and one of the community or Fleetbase teams.

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