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Fleetbase - An Open Source Alternative to OnFleet

Shiv Thakker

What is OnFleet?

OnFleet is a versatile technology suite tailored for managing on-demand services efficiently. It offers a comprehensive array of tools, including delivery management, fleet tracking, and customer engagement features, making it a popular choice for businesses operating in the logistics and on-demand delivery sectors. While OnFleet delivers powerful solutions, it operates within a closed-source framework, which can present certain limitations.

What is Fleetbase?

Fleetbase serves as an open-source alternative to OnFleet, providing similar functionalities geared toward on-demand services, logistics, and shipping companies. However, Fleetbase distinguishes itself through its open-source nature, empowering businesses with unprecedented control over their technology stack.

Control your Source Code

Fleetbase's open-source model grants businesses full access to the source code, offering complete autonomy over their technology infrastructure. In contrast, OnFleet operates on a proprietary basis, limiting businesses' ability to customize and optimize their systems according to their unique requirements.

Fleetbase Transparent Pricing

Fleetbase's open-source nature translates into transparent pricing, as businesses can utilize the platform without facing hidden costs or subscription fees. Conversely, OnFleet may involve undisclosed expenses or credit card requirements for access, making Fleetbase a more cost-effective solution, particularly for startups and small enterprises.

Fleetbase Allows You to Deploy on Your Own Infrastructure

With Fleetbase, businesses enjoy the flexibility to deploy the platform on their preferred infrastructure, whether it's on-premises servers or private cloud environments such as AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud or Azure. This level of control over deployment options ensures greater data security and compliance with organizational protocols compared to the limitations imposed by OnFleet's proprietary model.

Bugs & Feature Requests

Fleetbase's open-source ecosystem facilitates robust bug resolution and feature implementation processes. Through community collaboration and in-house development teams, businesses using Fleetbase can swiftly address issues and introduce new functionalities. In contrast, OnFleet users may encounter constraints in addressing bugs or implementing custom features due to the platform's closed-source nature.

Community Support

Fleetbase benefits from a vibrant community of developers, enthusiasts, and experts who contribute to its continuous improvement. This collaborative ecosystem fosters knowledge-sharing, troubleshooting assistance, and innovative solutions, ensuring that businesses using Fleetbase are well-supported and equipped to overcome challenges effectively.

Fleetbase Support

In addition to community support, Fleetbase offers professional support packages tailored to businesses' specific needs. These packages include implementation and development services, providing businesses with dedicated resources and expertise to accelerate platform deployment and optimization. Such personalized support distinguishes Fleetbase as a customer-centric solution compared to OnFleet's reliance solely on vendor resources.

Use Your Own Developers

With Fleetbase's open-source architecture, businesses have the freedom to leverage their in-house development teams for platform implementation and scaling. This approach reduces dependency on external vendors and fosters a more hands-on approach to technology management, in contrast to the restricted customization options available with OnFleet.

Fleetbase Extensions

Fleetbase boasts a diverse range of readily available extensions, enabling businesses to tailor the platform to their specific requirements seamlessly. Moreover, Fleetbase offers the unique opportunity for businesses to develop and integrate their paid extensions directly into the platform's ecosystem, fostering innovation and collaboration within the community. This extensibility and collaborative ethos set Fleetbase apart as a dynamic and customizable solution compared to the closed ecosystem offered by OnFleet.


In conclusion, Fleetbase emerges as a compelling open-source alternative to OnFleet for businesses operating in the on-demand service and delivery industry. Its open-source nature empowers businesses with unparalleled control over their technology stack, transparent pricing, and deployment flexibility. With robust community support, professional service offerings, and extensive customization options, Fleetbase provides businesses with a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for managing their logistics operations efficiently. If you seek a customizable, community-driven platform that aligns with your organization's values and growth objectives, Fleetbase should undoubtedly be a top consideration.

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