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Fleetbase Onboarding Guide - Operations

Shiv Thakker

Get started in minutes:

1. Sign up :

The first step to revolutionizing your logistics operations is to sign up for Fleetbase. It's as simple as following this link and filling in a few details.

Fleetbase Create Account

2. Invite Users: 

Invite your team members to join the platform, assign roles, and empower everyone to contribute to your fleet's success.

Fleetbase IAM - Create New User

3. Download Driver App:

Download the Fleetbase Navigator App on your iOS or Android device to take your fleet management wherever you go.

Once you create a Driver within Fleetbase you can login to the Navigator App using the mobile you have assigned to that Driver.

Fleetbase Navigator On IOS 

4. Configure Your Operations Flow:

Fleetbase can be fully customised to for your operations flow, whether your company conducts food delivery, garage pick up, courier services or logistics operations processes.

Head to the Order Config within Fleetbase and follow the below step: 

1. Create New - Click 'New Order Config' and enter your operation flow details.

2. Custom Fields - Create as many custom fields as you like, these fields will appear in the Order Form

3. Activity Flow - Create custom activity flow statuses. These status are each activity point the driver either needs to update or gets updated automatically.

Fleetbase Order Config - Creating New Order Config

5. Create your Service Areas

Define service areas and zones within Fleetbase to optimize your routes and streamline your deliveries.

Fleetbase Service Areas & Zones

6. Set Up Custom Service Rates:

Our platform offers advanced algorithms to help you create custom service rates that reflect your business objectives.

Fleetbase Service Rates

7. Invite Your Drivers:

Your drivers are the backbone of your fleet, and Fleetbase makes it easy to manage them efficiently. Add drivers to your fleet, track their assignments, and ensure seamless communication at all times.

Fleetbase Create new Driver

8. Equip Your Fleet:

From trucks to vans to bikes, add vehicles to your Fleetbase account in Fleets and keep track of their performance, maintenance schedules, and more. Your fleet, your rules!

Fleetbase - Create new Fleet

9. Keep Contacts & Customers Organized:

Managing contacts is a breeze with Fleetbase. Add clients, suppliers, and partners to your contact list and streamline communication for smooth order processing.

Fleetbase - Create new Contacts

10. Manage Delivery Locations:

Simplify your delivery logistics by adding places to your Fleetbase account. Whether it's a client's office or a warehouse, easily access and manage all your delivery locations in one place.

Fleetbase - Create New Place

11. Seamlessly Create Orders:

Ready to kickstart your operations? Create orders seamlessly within Fleetbase, specifying all the necessary details for smooth execution, from pickup to delivery.

Fleetbase - Create New Order

12. Stay Updated in Real-Time:

Keep track of your order's progress by updating its activity in real-time. From order acceptance to delivery confirmation, stay informed every step of the way.

Fleetbase - Update Activity

13. Close the Loop with POD:

Complete proof of delivery (POD) for your orders to finalize the transaction and ensure customer satisfaction. Capture essential information such as signatures and timestamps to confirm successful deliveries.

Fleetbase Navigator App - POD


At Fleetbase, our mission is to empower businesses  to take control of their fleet operations and unlock their full potential. We understand that every organization has unique needs and preferences, which is why we offer flexible deployment options to suit your requirements.

Whether you prefer the scalability of AWS, Google Cloud,  Microsoft Azure or Digital Ocean, Fleetbase can be deployed seamlessly on the cloud platform of your choice.

Our dedicated team provides a range of custom support services to ensure that you get the most out of your Fleetbase experience. From implementation support to tailor-made solutions, we're committed to helping you succeed.

So whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, Fleetbase is here to revolutionize the way you manage your fleet.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our deployment options and custom support services.

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