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Fleetbase - An Open Source Alternative to Jungleworks

Shiv Thakker

In the fast-paced world of on-demand services and delivery, businesses need robust and reliable platforms to manage their operations seamlessly. Jungleworks has been a popular choice for many enterprises, offering a comprehensive suite of services. However, for those seeking more control, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, Fleetbase emerges as a compelling open-source alternative. In this blog post, we will explore what Jungleworks is, introduce Fleetbase, and discuss why it can be the ideal choice for businesses.

What is Jungleworks?

Jungleworks is a renowned technology suite that provides businesses with the tools to manage on-demand services effectively. It encompasses a wide range of services such as delivery management, fleet tracking, and customer engagement, making it a popular choice for businesses in the logistics and on-demand delivery sectors. While Jungleworks indeed offers a powerful solution, it comes with certain limitations due to its closed-source nature.

What is Fleetbase?

Fleetbase is an open-source alternative to Jungleworks, offering a similar range of features and services tailored for on-demand / logistics and shipping companies. The key difference lies in Fleetbase's open-source nature, which empowers businesses with unparalleled control over their technology stack.

Own your Source Code

One of the most significant advantages of Fleetbase is that it is open-source, meaning you have full access to the source code. Unlike Jungleworks, where the source code is proprietary, Fleetbase allows you to take charge of the technology powering your business. This means you can fix bugs, address issues, and implement feature requests without relying on a third-party vendor. Moreover, this open-source nature allows you to scale the platform according to your specific business needs, giving you the freedom to customize and optimize as you see fit.

Fleetbase Transparant Pricing

Another notable benefit of Fleetbase being open source is that it is completely free to use. Unlike Jungleworks, which may come with hidden costs or require credit card holding for access, Fleetbase can be forked and deployed without any upfront fees. This makes it a cost-effective solution for startups and small businesses that may not have the resources for expensive technology subscriptions.

Fleetbase Allows You to Deploy on Your Own Infrastructure

With Fleetbase, you have the flexibility to deploy the platform on your infrastructure of choice. Whether you prefer to host it on your private cloud, on-premises servers, or a combination of both, Fleetbase enables you to maintain complete control over your data and security protocols.

Bugs & Feature Requests

One of the most significant advantages of Fleetbase being an open-source platform is the robust approach to dealing with bugs and feature requests. When using Jungleworks or other proprietary solutions, businesses often face limitations in how they can address issues that arise. In contrast, Fleetbase users have multiple options for handling bugs and feature requests.

Firstly, the Fleetbase community, comprising developers and enthusiasts, provides an invaluable resource for businesses. When encountering a bug or seeking to implement a new feature, companies can turn to the community for guidance, support, and potential solutions. This collective knowledge and experience foster a collaborative environment, where problems can be solved swiftly through the combined efforts of the community members.

Secondly, businesses using Fleetbase can leverage their own in-house developers to address bugs and implement new features immediately. With access to the open-source code, developers can dive deep into the platform's architecture, identify issues, and make the necessary changes without being hindered by proprietary constraints.

Moreover, for businesses seeking professional support, Fleetbase offers developer support packages. These packages allow companies to communicate directly with Fleetbase's dedicated developers for timely assistance and troubleshooting. Unlike Jungleworks, where the support is limited to the vendor's resources and expertise, Fleetbase's developer support facilitates seamless communication and swift resolution of issues.

In essence, Fleetbase's open-source nature empowers businesses to take charge of their technology stack and fosters a collaborative community that can collectively tackle bugs and develop new features. This level of flexibility and support sets Fleetbase apart as a superior alternative to Jungleworks for those seeking greater control, faster issue resolution, and continuous platform improvement.

Community Support

The power of open source lies in the strength of its community. Fleetbase, being open source, has a vibrant community of developers, enthusiasts, and experts who can provide support, advice, and guidance. You can tap into this community to discuss roadmaps, troubleshoot issues, and learn from the experiences of others. This collaborative ecosystem ensures that you are never alone on your technology journey.

Fleetbase Support

While Fleetbase relies on its community for support, it also offers additional support packages for businesses that require professional assistance. This support includes implementation and development services, where Fleetbase assigns full-time developers to your company. With weekly project management updates, you can build and launch your platforms quickly and cost-effectively.

Use Your Own Developers

Since Fleetbase is open source, you have the freedom to use your own in-house developers for implementing and scaling the platform. This can significantly reduce your dependency on external vendors and enable you to have a more hands-on approach to your technology stack.

Fleetbase Extensions

Fleetbase takes customization and extensibility to the next level with its wide range of readily available extensions. These extensions can be seamlessly integrated into the Fleetbase console, allowing businesses to tailor the platform according to their specific requirements. Additionally, Fleetbase goes above and beyond by providing the unique opportunity for businesses to build their own paid extensions directly into the Fleetbase ecosystem. This not only empowers enterprises to create tailored solutions for their internal needs but also enables them to offer these extensions to the wider Fleetbase community. Through this collaborative approach, businesses can foster innovation and create a thriving ecosystem where each participant benefits from shared knowledge and novel developments. The ability to extend and contribute to the platform further cements Fleetbase as an open-source solution that stands out from its proprietary counterparts like Jungleworks.


In conclusion, Fleetbase emerges as a fully open-source and better alternative to Jungleworks for businesses in the on-demand service and delivery industry. Its open-source nature gives you unparalleled control over your technology, ensuring you can address bugs, implement features, and scale your platform as your business grows. Moreover, being completely free and deployable on your infrastructure of choice, Fleetbase offers a cost-effective and flexible solution. With community support and additional support packages available, Fleetbase empowers businesses to build and maintain their platforms efficiently and at a lower cost. If you are looking for a comprehensive and customizable solution for your on-demand service business, Fleetbase should be on top of your list.

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