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Why Does the Logistics Industry Need Developer Tools?

Shiv Thakker

What are developer tools?

Over the last decade, Industries have progressively adopted the use of SAAS applications to improve their business processes. From financial institutions and healthcare to shipping and logistics companies.

With more adoption of these kinds of web and mobile applications it would only make sense that the speed in which these applications can be built and deployed also needs to be optimized.

Developer tools in Fintech.

If we take the finance sector and more specifically, payment gateways. Companies used to have sometimes lengthy conversations with banks and technology companies to integrate payments and check out functionalities into their website or ecommerce platform. However, with Stripe releasing their payment gateway API which developers can simply plug in and manage, the speed and ease in which these applications can be developed increased. This is a prime example of how developers are utilizing new developer tools to help them with their build outs.

Developer tools in Logistics.

Is the logistics industry ready for developer tools? The logistics industry over the last few years has dramatically increased in terms of the utilization of off the shelf systems to help streamline processes. Typically the industry is moving away from the use of systems that require servers and databases which are costly to implement and manage.

The availability of web based applications has increased across the sector all the way from warehouse management systems to last mile operations platforms. With more companies using these platforms, we are seeing more companies looking to make changes and feature requests, even to go as far as looking for ways to build and release their own applications at low cost and speed. This is where developer tools are prime for the logistics sector.

Developers across the sector, whether it is a application being built for a chain of restaurants managing their delivery processes or an application being built for a trucking company to manage their fleet and delivery processes, developers are looking for tools to help them quickly implement key features of these applications rather than having to build these from the ground up.

Fleetbase Developer Tools.

At Fleetbase we aim to provide developer tools and infrastructure for processes across the logistics sector. Developers can use our API, console & SDK to quickly build, customize and release logistics applications with ease. View our API documentation and visit our Github to get started with our SDKs.

Contact us at hello@fleetbase.io to learn more about logistics developer tools and to see how Fleetbase can help you manage your logistics operations process and expedite the build out of new systems and applications.

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