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Introducing Fleetbase

The logistics and supply chain industry has progressed a lot over the last few years with companies introducing new technologies to manage their operations, as we enter a new phase of logistics we are happy to introduce Fleetbase.

What is Fleetbase?

Fleetbase is a cloud based operations platform and developer console for the logistics and supply chain industry. We are making it easier for companies to manage their logistics operations and for developers to build out features, platforms and integrations faster and easier by providing tools, SDKs and a suite of APIs.

Who is Fleetbase for?

Logistics Companies

Fleetbase has been built for any logistics operational process. Companies can use FleetOps to manage their land logistics and configure the platform to fit their operational flow, we want users to have control over how the platform works for them. Features such as configurable meta fields, activity status updates and setting custom service rates means that businesses can continue to deliver their bespoke customer service while having complete oversight and enhanced operational capabilities.


'API first’ is the methodology we hold at Fleetbase. We have made it easy for developers to build supply chain applications quickly and at lower cost. Our logistics APIs and Developer Console allow for the build out of key functionalities such as order creation, track and trace, fleet management to be executed faster and less tediously. If you are a developer you can take a look at our documentation here. This leaves developers to focus on the core unique functionality of their supply chain applications rather than focusing on building out standard functionalities. Building logistics applications has never been easier.

Getting Started

You can sign-up and start using Fleetbase instantly here, alternative feel free to schedule a demo by booking some time in our calendar.

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