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Fleetbase Speaks at LogTech Asia 2021 Virtual Summit

Shiv Thakker

Top Trends to Watch in LogTech

The LogTech Asia Virtual Summit was held on the 18th March 2021 with a curated agenda including keynote presentations, interactive panel and virtual networking sessions.

Shiv Thakker, Fleetbase co-founder shared his insights into the latest trends in Logtech in 2021. You can view the full talk at the link below.


Topics Covered:

  • Adoption by supply chain companies 2020
  • What are the top trends in LogTech? (Software)
  • APIs in Logistics
  • What are the top trends in LogTech? (Hardware)
  • How are LogTech applications changing?
  • Fintech vs LogTech
  • The Future of Logtech
  • Fleetbase Products & Services

Here are the Q&As that took place during the session:

Q: Morning Shiv, among all those top trends, which one has the biggest potential for enterprise adoption in Asia in the next 2-3 years?

A: Good morning! Definitely the adoption of cloud technologies, this is the first step for companies to become tech enabled, a lot of these technologies require this first step in order to utilize the others.

Q: For LogTech companies, how do you make money, how do you generate revenue on APIs?

A: Hi there, companies are providing API' and charging either by a subscription model or by API calls.

Q: With so many technologies in logistics, do you recommend the use of a consultant to figure out all of this?

A: Hi there. Yes, engaging a consultant can help to review your supply chain processes and suggest technology solutions to help you streamline & become more efficient, feel free to reach out to us!

Q: As a LogTech startup, what is your biggest challenge right now? what keep you awake at night?

A: Product development for sure. We are always striving to provide the best technology solutions for our clients. New features / what we can improve is always a something which I am thinking about!

Q: Everybody talk about digital twins... what is it for supply chain/logistics? is this important we should care?

A: Absolutely, i believe digital twins will help companies improve their supply chain processes by being able to have a digital view of their operations and create potential scenarios that can be prepared for in advance.

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